Defending great scorers

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Ian DaviesIan Davies

Regardless at whatever level basketball is played it always seems as though there is someone on the opposing team who is their prime "go to" player, the leading scorer, the "clutch" performer. Players and coaches spend endless time searching for the way in which they might subdue the opposition star and thus pave the way for victory.

Guarding the man without the ball

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The moment a player attempts to score all members of his team should be thinking about defence, which starts with a determined effort to get the rebound. However if the opponents get the rebound then a quick transition from offence to defence is vital otherwise easy scoring opportunities will be conceded. Defensive pressure should be applied to the ball-handler as soon as possible, but it is just as important that players without the ball are defended to prevent them from receiving an easy pass.

Guarding the man with the ball

Written by Super User. Posted in Man to man defence

defense on ball

Good team defence starts with good individual defence, which is the ability of a player to contain his opponent or restrict him from influencing the game. In almost all situations, the coach will instruct players to apply pressure to the ball-handler to prevent him passing the ball or making it difficult to dribble.

When practicing one-on-one situations, the defender should decide how to make his opponent move in one direction or another, forcing him to change direction or stop his dribble. These moves are difficult and require a commitment to achieve maximum fitness and many repetitive drills to develop sound technique.