Zone principles

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The philosophy of zone defence is that every player is responsible for an area of the court rather than a particular opponent. Players take up positions on the court in various formations and each moves according to the movement of the ball.

The zone defence is easy to teach which is probably why many junior teams prefer the zone. However I cannot overemphasise the importance of learning the fundamentals of man to man defence. A zone defence tends to weaken individual responsibility. Defensive stance tends to become more erect and it is rare an aggressive active, hustling attitude is maintained.

2-1-2 Zone

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The 2-1-2 or the 2-3 may be the most common zone used by many junior teams. It gives protection close to the basket and strong rebounding positions. It can be vulnerable against teams that penetrate the gaps in the defence with smart dribbling and good mid range shooting skills.

1-2-2 Zone

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Zone 1.2.2Areas of responsibility for 2-1-2 zoneThe 1-2-2 zone defence has strength in the low post and provides better cover of the corner area compared to the 1-3-1 zone. However it may be vulnerable when the offence has a dominant centre that is effective in the area from the free throw line to the low post. Sometimes the defender at the point may be required to drop well back into the lane to deny passes and put pressure on ball handlers operating around the top of the key.

1-3-1 zone

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Zone defences are classified by the alignment of the players from the front line to the back. For example a 1-3-1 zone would have one player at the front, or point position usually about the top of the keyway. Three players would line up in the next line with one in the middle of the free throw line and the other two on the wings The player in the back line starts just in front of the basket.

Different zone alignments have different strengths and weaknesses. When selecting the type of zone defence you want to use, there should be a good understanding of your players and your opponents. The 1-3-1 zone has strength around the middle and key area, but may be vulnerable in the corners and low post area especially if the opponents are good perimeter shooters.                        

Match up zone

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It is important that players develop their fundamental man to man defensive skills before trying to develop a zone defence.

Unless a player can contain his opponent by maintaining good stance and position it wont matter whether a man to man or zone defence is used and winning will be elusive.