UCLA High-Low Post Offence

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Former UCLA coach John Wooden compiled the best record in the history of US college basketball (664 win, 162 losses, 10 national championships). His teams were noted for exceptional fitness, excellent defence and flexible offence, which allowed players to exploit their natural talents. While Wooden modified his offence during the period he won championships, he always used the high-low post structure as a solid foundation. Champion players such as Lew Alcindor (later to become Kareem Abdul-Jabbar), Bill Walton, Kiki Vandeweghe, James Worthy, Jamaal Wilkes and Sidney Wicks are some products of the UCLA system.

UCLA 13 passes to 4 and cuts off screen set by 5 who steps out to receive pass from 4 point.  UCLA 2After passing to 5 4 sets screen for 3. 5 may pass to 3, or 1 who leads into key.   UCLA 3When 4 passes to 3, 1 sets a back screen for 5. If 3 does not have a shot he passes to 5 or 4.