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Single post offence

Written by Super User. Posted in Common offensive systems

Before the dominance of UCLA in college ranks, Adolph Rupp’s Kentucky teams established impressive winning records. Rupp used the Single Post Offence, effectively breaking down the offence into two-on-two and three-on-three options with continuity. If the post man has good individual skills he is catered for by keeping the other four players balanced spread around the court and feeding him close to the basket. If the post man is not a great shooter he can be used as a screener, feeder and rebounder.

Teams interested in using this type of offence should spend a lot of practice time on two-on-two and three-on-three, inside screen and outside screen drills. The main coaching points are to control the speed of cuts, making sure that screens are effective, good floor balance and rebounding.

Defences will often sag off their man away from the ball to provide defensive help. To combat this it is often helpful to run a dummy play on one side of the court then quickly change sides in order to take advantage of the more passive defence.
The examples shown are a few of the many options that can be used.
single post offence 1

Diagram 1. 2 passes to 4 and follows to set an inside screen. 2 rolls to the basket when 4 drives. 4 may have a shot, a pass to 5, or pass to 3 who has used a screen set by 1 at the same time as the screen was set for 4.

single post offence 2

Diagram 2. Split the post. After 1 passes to 5 he sets a screen for 2 who cuts off the screen to the basket. 5 pivots to face the basket and may pass to 2, or 1 who cuts to the basket after screening 2 or make his own move to score. If none of these options are used 5 passes out to 4 or 3 to set the next play.

single post offence 3

Diagram 3. After 1 passes to 3 he follows his pass cutting around the outside of 3. This is commonly known as an outside screen. # may hand off the pass to 1 pass to 5 or drive over the top of a screen set by 5. In this example the pass is made to 5 who may pass to 1 as he cuts to the basket or 2 as he cuts to the basket after 4 has set a back screen, or pass out to 4 to set the next play.