Knee Injuries

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The most common ligament strain, or partial tear occurs on the medial ligament which joins the two bones in the lower leg and the knee on the inside of the leg. This taping technique will protect ligament strain.

1. When taping the heel should be raised flexing the knee about 20 degrees. Using elasticised tape about 7cm wide, start the first strip about mid-calf on the inside of the leg. Bring the strip around the back of the calf and angle it up the inside of the leg, crossing just below the knee cap and extending up the medial side of the leg about 25cm.Apply a second strip over the first over-lapping it by about one third.
2. Start the third strip at the same point as the first but run it up the leg and angle it over the top of the knee-cap to end on the outside of the leg.
The fourth strip begins on the lateral side of the calf and angles under the kneecap on the side of the thigh. Repeat strips one, three, four and five, overlapping the original strips by one third.
3. Now apply a continuous strip of elasticized tape leaving the patella uncovered. Make sure the tape is not applied too tightly.
It is very important that ligament damage is properly diagnosed by a doctor. A stretched or strained ligament will repair itself a torn or ruptured ligament will not heal properly without surgical treatment.